HP Buys Palm and Cancels Android Tablet

HP announced its acquisition of Palm Inc. ($1.2 Billion) and it won’t be running Windows 7 or Google Android. HP will switch to it’s newly owned WebOS for future tablets and will kill the Windows 7 based HP Slate. This accelerates HP’s growth in $100 billion smartphone and mobile markets. Palm’s award-winning webOS, as well as its acclaimed Pre and Pixi smartphone product lines, enhance HP’s ability to participate more aggressively in the highly profitable, smartphone and connected mobile device markets.

What will happen to the Android tablet? HP is only stating the device will be ‘delayed’ until some indeterminate time in the future. We read this to mean ‘never’.

Still some good news. The WebOS tablet is still scheduled to be released this fall.
We’ll keep you posted as WebOS tablet news evolves.

HP Slate - Soon to be WebOS Tablet PC

HP Slate - Soon to be WebOS Tablet PC