The Death of AT&T’s Unlimited Data Plan

The death of AT&T’s unlimited data plan is not all bad news. Customers already subscribed to the unlimited data plan are grandfathered and can continue using the unlimited plan as long as they choose. (So long as they never turn off the data plan).

All new iPad 3G customers, or customers that cancel an existing unlimited data plans, will be forced to choose between the new limited data plans (either 200Mb of data for $15, or 2Gb of data for $25).

Does this mean tethering? Since AT&T has dropped unlimited data, could they be adding a new tethering option for $20 a month but without any additional data allocation? This may indicate that tethering will be coming soon.

There have been leaks suggesting that the new iPhone OS 4.0 will be capable of tethering. Since the iPad is still not slated to get the new OS for another few months users will be limited to these costly data plans. We’ll be watching for the details of the tethering plan and the connection method cause we all want un-wired tethered connections. In the meanwhile iPad users will be looking for free WiFi hot spots at the many location around the world, here is a free WiFi locator and here is the McDonalds HotSpot Locator.

Here is the AT&T Data Calculator to help you estimate how much data you need monthly and select the appropriate plan.